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  • From: Calderón Vilches Luis Daniel <Daniel@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 11:08:20 -0500

Hi Rajnish,
This is what I know.
I'm not quite sure about a a E2K server being backend of a E5.5 OWA server.
But, you could accomplish the same with E5.5 only.
Your mail didn't specify some details, but I assume when you say Site, you 
didn't mean E5.5 sites but two different remote locations.
If so, I assume you have only one E5.5 site.
If this is true, you just have to add a new E5.5 server to that site. This 
server automatically will receive a copy of the existing directory of that site.
Remember that E5.5 don´t work with Active Directory and it has its own 
Once you added the new E5.5 to that site, your existing OWA server will be 
front end server of the newly-added E5.5 server.
That's why OWA 5.5 queries E5.5 directory to find out which server on the site 
contains the requested mailbox contents.
Since your newly-added server will be part of that directory, this will work.
Except for better opinion,

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        Dear Friends,


        I have a scenario for you.


        I have 2 site named Site A and Site B


        On Site A I have the following servers:-


        Srv1 --> Having ISA, Exchange 5.5 (Mailbox & OWA, mainly used as SMTP), 
IIS, acting as domain controller

        Srv2 --> Having Domain controller (Master)

        Srv4 --> Having windows 2000 and Exchange 5.5 IMC (All in coming mails 
& Archiving)


        Site B:-


        Srv5 --> Windows 2000 Replica Domain controller for site A, Exchange 
5.5 server- member of same site as of Site A.


        Solution required:-

        We need to install a new Server on Site A which will be exchange 2000 
server. This server has to be a member server to existing domain and will 
maintain user's mailbox but has to act as a backend server for Srv1 in Site A


        If I use Microsoft Swing method to move the mailboxes. What will be the 
effect on existing exchange servers? Will Srv1 act as a front end server? If 
not, how can I configure the existing exchange 5.5 to act as a front end server 
for the newly installed exchange 2000 server?




        Rajnish Malik


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