[ExchangeList] Re: Changing name of "First Administrative Group"

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You misunderstand what an AG is.
What isn't clear is whether the second Exchange is actually installed on
the DC for the "stand-alone AD". This is quite significant because it is
not supported to run dcpromo on a server where Exchange is already
Regardless, it really doesn't matter. Deinstall Exchange and start over.
The potential issues aren't worth the minimal time savings. And they are


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Hi all,
I have an Exchange 2003 server up and running.  Now we want to add a
second Exchange server.  This second server will be for a separate
isolated sub-organization in the same Active Directory.  In other words,
it may as well be a stand-alone Exchange server, but for administrative
purposes we would prefer that it be in the same AD. 
So far so good.
The second Exchange server has been installed, but it ended up being
installed into a separate stand-alone AD, with forestprep and dcpromo
being run on the stand-alone AD.  And also, the name of the Exchange
group is the same default name as in the other Exchange server, i.e.
"First Administrative Group".
Rather than re-install everything from scratch (this is a new server so
no email data has accumulated yet), I am planning to do the following:
PROPOSED STEPS:  Join the new server into the current AD, and delete the
old AD tree once this is done.  Make the ADC on the new server, a backup
to the primary ADC.  Create a sub-organizational unit under the current
AD for this server and partition it off for permissions as usual. 
My questions are:
a) Do you see any issues with the steps I am proposing above?  Do I need
to run forestprep on the new Exchange server or dcpromo or anything like
that again?
b) Would there be an issue with having two Exchange servers in the same
AD both named "First Administrative Group"?  If so, should I rename it
first, before joining it into the AD?  What are the ramifications of not
renaming it? 

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