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6 Months? It's so much time... I do this for 150 mailboxes in one day.

Look at my sitution. I have one Linux which running as SMTP forwarder. Every
email which it's send it to, are forwarded to
internal ip address 192.168.x.y (Exchange Server 5.5 SP4 on NT). In Internet
Mail Service Properties on Routing table I have like exchange.mydomain
routed to inbound, routed to exchange.mydomain and routed to exchange.mydomain. After this I go on each mailbox
and I added another internet email address like name.surname@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(the new domain). You can set this address as reply address. And that's all.
If the SMTP forwarder it's set for receiving emails for both domain, you can
test on 1 mailbox (yours) from an outside mail sender (Yahoo. Hotmail). Will
work perfect!

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We are in the process of changing our Internet domain name and it is my job
to find out what we will need to do on our Exchange server.  We have only
one domain, one site and one Exchange server.  There is a pop3 server
involved in this too.  Our Exchange 5.5 server is set up to send Internet
mail through an external SMTP gateway that also handles all incoming mail.
Has anyone else gone through this and could you please let me know what I
will need to do on the server to get it changed.  When we start the project
we will have 6 months that we can operate under both names before the old
name comes up for grabs.

Thanks in advance

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