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-------------------------------------------------------Hi Jim,

Looks like your post never made it to the Active Dir list. If I recall Exchange 2000 clustered still had dependencies on Wins, and I was told at a Microsoft Technet event that Exchange 2003 clustered no longer had this requirement, until I saw the Microsoft article that I pointed out http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;837391 .


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-------------------------------------------------------837391 is getting changed.
I'm putting in the technical update today.

It's wrong
Wrong, wrong, wrong.
Wrgonggitty-wrong-wrong Wrong!

WINS is *NOT* required for Exch functionality, but proper name
resolution support in the network *IS* required.  If you've built your
network, name services & clients properly, using a "simple" name gets
you the same response as using FQDN in a "ping" command.

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Subject: [ExchangeList] Change private IP on a cluster

-------------------------------------------------------Hi Mike,

Looks like you are going to also have dependencies on Wins and with the

Exchange Server 2003 and Exchange 2000 Server require NetBIOS name
resolution for full functionality

How to configure Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator on a
Server 2003 cluster


Jose :-)


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Hi Mike,

I've only had to change a SQL 2000 Active / Active Cluster IP and it
involves some additional steps for SQL Virtual Names. It's been over 5
since I built an Exchange 2000 cluster, but I do not recall if Exchange
any dependencies (I would probably post this to the Exchange list and I
cc'ing them as well)

Take a look at :
Exchange Server 2003 Cluster Configuration Checklist

Changing the IP address of network adapters in cluster server

Or in PDF format at:

Also just in case you ever have to change it on a SQL:

How to change the network IP addresses of SQL Server virtual servers

Hope this helps,

Jose Medeiros
408-765-0437 Direct
408-449-6621 Cell
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Subject: [ActiveDir] Change private IP on a cluster

Doh! Didn't mean to let this go without the OT:. Sorry.


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Subject: [ActiveDir] Change private IP on a cluster

Hey, I have an Exchange 2003 active/passive cluster on Windows 2003 and I need to change the private ip on both nodes. I realize that while I'm changing the IP the nodes will not talk to each other and likely kick the passive node off or stop the cluster service for a few minutes on the passive node.

Is there anything else I will need to do or look out for? I don't
*think* this is a big deal but since it's a production cluster, and I've
never had to do this, I thought I would check before I tried it.

Thanks again.



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