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  • Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2003 10:52:56 -0700

I agree with John on that. Always use create account for services youre going 
to run.
However, ther is 2 fixes to your problem and i tryed both of them.
1. Go to Microsoft Exchange 5.5 support and surch for "changing service account 
on Exchange 55", i think it is a "How-to" document. It is very good of 
explaining how to do this task. I would of give you my doc, but i don't run e55 
anymore, so i give it away.
Note: Beware of the problems you re going to have with this new account!!! 
Although it looks good on Microsoft papers, you will incounter problems after 
you change it to new  account. One of them would be POP3/SMTP functionality. 
After you change the service account and everything seems to work correctly, 
try POPing email, you'll knowtice it is not working. This solution would work 
well if you don't plan to use POP3 service on your server.
2.  Second option is to Reload E55 as new installation using new created 
service account!!! It sounds like a big pain, but it is not as bad as it 
sounds. Actualy it works fasted then the time you spend figuring out why your 
Exchange is not functioning correctly...
Suggestion: If you planing to upgrade to Win2K server environment soon, and 
hardware on this server compatible with Win2K, you may want to think of putting 
W2k Server on it when you reload new E55. Yes, E55 works great on W2k server. I 
had it done, no problems at all!
Anyways, i got off the subject a bit... :)
Here what you may want to do. 
Schedule time and let everyone know that mail server would be down for 
maintanence on a weekend. Get yourself a good helped, not an observer, but 
someone on your department who is good at helping with tech probblems.
The morning of the server being down, do a complette OFFLINE server back up to 
a drive on network using NTBackup. That means Sopping all the Exchange services 
and do offline backup. Backup all the working directories to different drive on 
different server. That backup should be done quick! I usialy do 2 backups to 2 
different drives, just incase.....
Make sure you have all the OS, drivers, sp's ready for the reload. MOST 
important. document all the settings this Exchange uses, like directory 
locations, Org name ( to the letter) and all the stractures. Take snapshots if 
you need to. Call me paranoid, but i like to be prepared, because EWxchange 5.5 
was a strange fruit!
One most important thing... create the account something like ExchAdmin and 
make it memeber of Admin group(domain), then add that account as a part of  
Org/ directory and config directories on Exchange. You have to do it in 3 
places. YOU HAVE TO DO IT BEFORE YOU DO BACKUP!!!  This way Exch 55 will see it 
after you do a restore. If you forget to do it, then you can add this later...
When you have everything documented, have all your backups done, and all the 
CD's inplace youre good to go!
1. Reload the OS with same config as you had before, drive partitions. Install 
all the sp's on it. 
2. Load the exchange as new creating same Org name as the original ( that is 
why i said to make notes of all the settings), it has to be the same to the 
latter. Select the account you created early as the service account, it will be 
granted all nesesary  premitions during the install and let it run.
3. Install Exch sp as you had before.
4.  After you install everything, just mapp the drive to that backup folder you 
did the full backup of the offline server and do a restore of the directories 
and running folder. When it is done, then you will have same serve rback with 
all same configurations as before and PLUS new working service account!!!
Like i said, it looks like a scary deal reloading the server just to change the 
service account, but it is not so bad. All of this only took me one day on 
Satuday, i started at about 10 am and server was up and running, like nothing 
happened, around 5-6 pm.
If you do deside to take the option 1 first, be sure you have planty of Asprin 
in your droor! :)

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        Dear Friends,
        I want to change my administrative password, when I am changing it my 
exchange server is not working, bcoz exchange server service account is 
Administrator. Can any one tell me how can I change my administrative password 
?? And please also tell me how can I change my exchange server service account. 
        I am using Exchange server 5.5 on windows NT 4.0 server.
        Thank you very much in advance, and waiting for prompt response from 
anyone please help me.
        Thanks and best regards,
        Mohammad Alam
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