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bring the old server back in it's OWN detached network from the other
network - no communication to the other server!!!!
depending on hoe many users, and how much mail there is, you could just
login as different users, export all the mail to a .pst, and then
transfer this .pst to each user to import to their mail

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        Dear Professionals, 

        I have this case: 
        At the beginning of this year, I had a problem in my exchange
server (which is the Domain Controller). We have been attacked by a
virus. That virus has caused our system to be down for some time. At
that time the virus had no repair tools issued. So, I had to re-build a
new server with the same settings and connect the users to that server.

        The Case: 
        1- I have a lot of important e-mails (belongs to the BOSS and
some other managers in the enterprise) which must be restored.

        2- these emails are located on the old server. 
        3- The old and new servers both have the same settings. (Domain
name, computer name and IP address). 
        4- The old server is isolated. 
        5- Neither the old server nor the new server has a backup tape
drive installed. 
        6- The users has used the new server for almost a week now and
have their new e-mails stored in the new server. They want their old
mails to be joined to the new mails.

        How can I join the users old e-mails to the new server without
loosing any of the old or new e-mails..? 
        Can I change any of the settings on the old server to make be
joined to the new domain?? 

        Best Regards/ 
        Saleh Eqal 
        HAJ IT 

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