RE: Can't send Mails only to Yahoo domain ????

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We kind of have our hands tied here since you are not providing us with any
real information. You said you fixed the HELO, but you have not. The Receipt
policy has nothing to do the what the server announces it self as. 


You said you do not want this server to be seen, yet you said you have it
sending outgoing directly out. Which is it?


John T

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Subject: [exchangelist] RE: Can't send Mails only to Yahoo domain ???? 

I think I got the soln. Win2k machine is natted with a different IP in PIX
and Win2k3 is with different IP. I think Win2k3 ip is listed in some
blocking list of yahoo. 


But other mails server like Linux sendmail etc are working in this




Brajesh Ranjan Panda <brpanda23@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

Thats fine. Now I have updated the recepient policy as my real domain name.
So every mail going with address. Due to this some of my
corporate clients started receiving the mails but not the Yahoo. 


I don't like register it as online. I like to use it as an internal server
only for sending/throughing mails to internet where as my ISP exchanger will
receive the mails for me.


Again there is another 2000 exchagange server witch is working fine in this
type of setup i.e through this I can send mails to yahoo but I am worried
why not the 2k3 one.


Pls suggest!!

"John Tolmachoff (Lists)" <johnlist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Well, if that is the actual server HELO then you have a misconfiguration. If
you are going to operate an e-mail server on the Internet, you must play by
the rules. One of those is that the HELO that your server announces its name
must be valid and traceable.


John T

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-----Original Message-----
From: Brajesh Ranjan Panda [mailto:brpanda23@xxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Thursday, August 25, 2005 12:04 AM
To: [ExchangeList]
Subject: [exchangelist] Can't send Mails only to Yahoo domain ???? 


Any solution will be appreciated!! Windows 2003 + Exchagne 2003 has this
problem. Where as One Exchange 2000 is working fine it is in different
forest different domain no relation to previous one.


Our mail is delivered to an external mail server. We use a pop connector to
pull the email down to our exchange server. However we send mail out through
the exchange server. For some reason, we can't seem to send mail to anyone
at domains. We have no problem at all with any other domain...all
other mail is working fine. 

We tried sending mail to from the external mail server and that
went through, no's only when sending from our exchange server.
If somebody sends an email to anyone at, exchange will send a
message a few hours later...

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