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1. Security - If you setup it up properly/apply all security patches and
are behind a firewall you should be fine.  Doesn't matter if you are
using Linux, Windows, or anything if it's not configured properly it
won't be secure.  Also, if you are a business (even the smallest) a $500
Cisco PIX or similar firewall is not much to invest for some protection.


2. Two NIC cards - Configure the same way you do with the Linux box
(that's if you are using the Windows server as a proxy as well).  One
for local and one for external.


Likewise, I'd advise you to spend a few bucks on a good Windows 2003
resource book and start there.  Every single one of us took the same
path you did....good luck.




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Hi there ....I am new to exchange 

I currently have a linux slackware server (proxy,exim(mail),dhcp)

It has 2 network cards in it 

one network card connects to the switch/hub  and the other to the router

I want to replace the box with a WINSBS2003 server

but I have concerns with the following 

1.Security ? any comments wellcome?

2.Configuration do the both netowrk cards talk to each and other

I do understand 1 netowrk card will be connected to the switch IP

and the other card address ? 

will it be (example ) or will it be in the category of the
router ?


Please can someone advise 




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        Thanks Neil. I configured the RUS it's working now that's the
thing I forgot to configure.






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        You mean you've installed a new Exchange server in a child
domain?  If so, have you created a RUS for this domain?



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