RE: Cant connect mailserver to the 110, 25

  • From: "Morriz" <>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 09:09:17 -0700

Well the router is an pc with freesco as software
and i have a working webbserver throu the router, sow i thougt tha it was
not going to be a problem to have a mailserver to on smtp port 25.

I can send mails to my adress with out getting errors back or failed
delivery errors, but i can not check mails because it finds the server but
can not connect to it. I have tryed to telnet my mailserver on port 25 but
it can not connect to it.

I sure i configured my smtp corectly i have my domain in FQDN and i have
giv it my ISP ip adress in configure settnings. Sow that should do it
But cant not still connect to the server throu internet. 
But it finds the server...

Thanks by the way...


> does your rounter suppor ICMP packets.=20
> If not, then when the web site pings your IP the packets are dropped with=
> out a answer.=20
> Have you tried to send mail to your Exchange from outside of  your networ=
> k (IE hotmail)?
> DO you get the Mail. If so, then the DNS entries are correct. If not, loo=
> k at your DNS entries for MX records.=20
> Just a couple of places I would try.=20
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> From: Morriz []
> Sent: Thursday, November 07, 2002 10:45 AM
> To: [ExchangeList]
> Subject: [exchangelist] Cant connect mailserver to the 110, 25
> Hello Every One!
> I have a problem with my mailserver(Exchange server 2000)
> I have an registered domian and i have looked up my mx record
> on: (Great info site) But the mailclient says
> that it finds the server but cannot connect to it...grrr!
> I have a router and i have portforwed on the router to internal ip on por=
> t
> 25 and 110 but it still cant connect to the mailserver.
> Can the ISP closed this connection for home users??
> Or can i bypass this or something?
> What can i do to solve this?
> Thanks!
> /Morriz
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