Re: Cannot send to Gmail (revisited)

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Thanks for the input. It's a pain in the A** to get anything changed in here 
and will not get approved. They would want to find the solution rather than a 
band aid. We are in the process of replacing our all our gateway mx servers 
with updated SPAM solutions since ours is older than dirt, so I'm hoping this 
issue will go away when this happens. Another thing I noticed is that these two 
boxes take different routes out to gmail when I tracert, I'm wondering if this 
has something to do with it as well since logs also indicate transient network 
failure when talking to gmail. 


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Know what? I'd create a connector, putting the gmail smtp domain as the address 
space, and make Exchange deliver the message to the Gmail MX that is accepting 
connections from your server.
And for that MX that sends out a lot of NDR's, make it deliver messages for 
gmail thru your other MX, that should take care of it. Create a connector on 
the failing MX pointing to your other MX as the smart host that'll make the 
delivery for all address space.
Tiago de Aviz
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>>> ChongJa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 6/3/2006 15:40 >>>

I'm still experiencing intermittent connectivity issues with one of my outbound 
mx servers to gmail. Mails to gmail get delayed. When telneting to gmails mx 
server I get 421: 4.7.0 Try again later, closing connection.

This only happens to gmail, I do not have any issues with mail flow to other 
domains when this happens, only to gmail and it only happens on one of my mx 
servers. When this happens I can connect to gmails mx servers fine from my 
other mx server. I have contacted gmail to look into this, which they said they 
are looking into but have not received an answer. This is what I think is 
occuring. The mx server we are having an issue with, is a dedicated outbound 
mail server and sends out a larger volume of mail compared to our other 
outbound mx server. This server sends out a ton of NDRs. (We don't do ldap 
filtering yet) I think we may be sending a large volume of ndrs to gmail and 
they are blocking this particular server. Keep in mind that the connection is 
intermitent and mail flow from this server will resume sometimes hourly plus or 
minus. I think gmail has some security parameter in place that thinks we're 
sending them spam or doing some sort of DHA attack. Does anybody have any 
insight on this or some sort of policy that gmail may have? Here's a thread, 
looks like couple other people have experienced this but no answers posted. 

James Chong 
ETS Sr. Exchange Engineer 
Office: 703.206.7548 
Cell: 703.863.1483 

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