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Hi I originally posted the question. I have now resolved it. I too
initially thought the problem was a reverse DNS lookup issue; however,
it was something else.
It is described in the following link
In a nut shell the problem was solved by switching the DNS my SMTP
connector uses to an external DNS. 
The problem was caused by my internal DNS somehow switching from using
the EarthLink MX record to using the EarthLink A record


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I did not see the original question, but thought this might be helpful
to some:
Earthlink will block any email from any server that does not have
reverse dns properly configured.  For example, Sprint currently does not
support setting up reverse dns properly for their ADSL customers, so we
have to forward our email through a smarthost.  Since Earthlink and
Sprint are partners with DSL, Sprint directed me to have Exchange send
all email to  This resolved our email issue.
We have Symantec Mail Security for SMTP Gateways, which will allow us to
route through the smarthose for only those destinations that we have
problems with.  This allows us to use DNS for everyone else that
normally works.  There are other programs out there that will do the
same thing.
Do not try to contact earthlink about any email issues since most of
their tech support is clueless.
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