Re: Cannot Change Password

  • From: "Denise Dorrance" <denisedorrance@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 13:42:32 +0000

Which OS are you using?  Which service packs have you applied to the OS?

From: "Freddie Rosales" <fred0613@xxxxxxxxx>
Reply-To: "[ExchangeList]" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "[ExchangeList]" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [exchangelist] Cannot Change Password
Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 05:41:57 -0600

Hi All,

Can anybody help on my problem regarding resetting or changing password on
outlook 2000. The error was "your windows NT password could not be change"
although i have the right logon name, domain and password.

Im using Exchange 2000 Enterpise w/ sp3.

Thanks and hope you can help me.


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