[ExchangeList] Re: Can we change the TTL from one hour to say 10 minutes.

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-------------------------------------------------------No - you can't modify 
TTL for individual records.
Since the only time this needs to be modified is during failover or
failback, it's a simple matter to clear the local machine DNS cache (as
you've done).

General policy: don't make system-level changes for one-off situations.

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I am having Exchange 2003 FE/BE setup. And in my testing I found that FE
talk to BE using DNS. Now I am changing my backend server IP and also
update it in DNS records. I did flushdns on FE and its successfully
talking to BE on new IP.


I found the default TTL is one hour. Can I manipulate TTL entry for
Exchange record to say 10 minutes?


I am doing this some my DR testing.




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