RE: Can Exchange 2000 Co-exist with Exchange 5.5 without ADC?

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                Hi thanks for yr knowledgeable reply. Hope u don't find
me bothering if I have further doubts for u in future.


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> read anything (public folder) from my server as I have not installed
> ADC. So, how can Exchange 2000 connector communicate with my 5.5
> connector (without ADC installed)??

You do not have to install the ADC on both sides.  They must have
installed the ADC on their side at the time of the upgrade.
>               We r supposed to be in the same organization (JAPAN)
> which is housed in TOKYO HQ but different sites based on overseas

That would work just fine with an ADC configured on their end.  They are
having trouble accessing public folders housed on your server?  I assume
that the folders were replicated between the sites prior to their

There are essentially three different kinds of ADC's that can be
installed on a server with the ADC application on it:

        1) Configuration connector - this is automatically installed on
           upgraded server and replicates the Exchange 5.5 directory
           Exchange 5.5 and 2000.  This connector has a name ending in

        2) A connector that establishes the link between Active
Directory and the
           SRS (the SRS is Exchange 2000's emulated 5.5 server).  There
are always
           two of these connectors.  One between the SRS and Active
Directory and
           a second one between the SRS and the other Exchange 5.5 site.

        3) A public folder connector for replicating public folders
between the
           Exchange 5.5 and 2000 servers.

I wonder if they installed the public folder connector?  I do have
public folder replication between Exchange 2000 and another Exchange 5.5
site (in the same organization) so I know that it works when properly

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