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This may sound stupid but is it possible that the users in question have
any sort of filters on in their Outlook client?


I had a user call me once about a whole bunch of "missing" emails but
they inadvertently turned a filter on.  I shut it off and the messages
"magically" reappeared, lol..


Just a thought!!! :-)



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Hello all -


Have a weird one here, so any help is appreciated.


All employees that have 'delagates' setup on their mailbox are having
random issues with being able to view calendar items in their outlook
client.  Their delegate can view these 'missing' meetings just fine for
the user's mailbox.  Free/Busy is updated correctly for the 'missing'
meeting. And to top it off, when the affected user logs into OWA, the
Calendar entry shows up perfectly....


So, has anyone seen any issues where a user's calendar does not show a
meeting in their Outlook client but it appears through every other
connection method?




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