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  • Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2002 09:26:44 +0530

Dear List,
I had posted this question earlier also and got the response as well. The
scenario is like this:
I have two Calenders, one in personal folders and one on the mailbox. The
person was using PST, so the calender in personal folders has all the jobs
and the calendar on MAILBOX is empty. Now, the person has moved to OST. I
have to transfer all his jobs from the calender in personal folders to the
calender on mailbox. I can't copy the contents of Calendar in Personal
Folders to tge Calendar on MAILBOX. When I copy the calendar folder from PST
to mailbox, it has created one more folder, named as CALENDAR1. I have moved
this calendar1 to calendar. Now, whatever changes are done, they go into
calendar1. Fine, but, when we click on calendar folder, the contents of
calendar are shown.
Help Plsssssssssss.
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