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Yes you can use windows NLB or third party load balancer. Since HT's load balance themselves you need to ensure that intra-org Exchange traffic does not use the VIP. Ensure that only external traffic, apps hit the VIP.
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I have a question I am hoping someone out there can answer.


We have two FE’s 2003 that are behind a physical load balancer and we use the VIP of that load balancer to have our internal servers send to:


IE… webmail.scottrade.com


We are rebuilding these to play the role of the HUB servers. We want to keep the IP of the VIP/Load balancer so we don’t have to change the smart host of over 100 servers. Even though HUB’s load balance themselves, can I leave them behind the Load balancer to keep using the dns entry of webmail.scottrade.com?


Thanks in advance!


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