Bridgehead issues

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  • Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 13:07:59 -0500

Hello everyone, and sorry to keep asking for assistance, but I know when I
need it...

Currently our organization has disbanded from our ESSC division.  Our
original Exchange 5.5 Organization was created in the ESSC (Europe).  Since
we have disbanded,  their sites are managing their exchange setup on their
own and our GAL is incorrect for the ESSC e-mail addresses since we no
longer have an x400 connection with them to update the GAL.  In Exchange, I
see the ESSC, but do not have permissions to make any changes to the
mailboxes that are listed.  Permissions are granted to the ESSC domain for
the ESSC site. The easiest thing to do would be to create Custom Recipients
for the ESSC, but then two addresses would appear in the GAL for each
employee (a correct one and an Incorrect one).  This is not an option.  I
have full control over the ASSC portion of our Exchange organization, but
need to remove the ESSC from showing up so I can then create custom
recipients for them.  Do I have to rebuild the bridgehead to accomplish
this...  Or is there a way to 'hack into the permissions' of the ESSC
container and remove them all together?  Any ideas or thoughts.

This is a big question I know, but can not determine the best way to
straighten out this mess I have been left with.

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