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Are there duplicate AD entries? 
Does the CN element of the Active Directory attribute LegacyExchnageDN point
to the RDN attribute of the 5.5 object? 
Chances are that because the ADC has not been setup as a two way connector
that the environment sees the same person as two different ones. setting the
two way will also ensure that the connection is made to associate one object
to the other. 
The LegacyExchangeDN attribute will possibly hold the key to the issue.
Check what the parameters of this attribute are. Could be set to

Other options:

delete all the attributes from the AD user Object (via LDP but be careful)
then delete the three attributes from the corresponding object in 5.5 (Raw
Properties) (There are four but I have never seen the fourht used - Unmerged
Attributes) These are Object GUID. Replication Signiture and ADC Global
This will force a replication accross the ADC. Worth noting here also that
the size of your 5.5/2000 environments may have an impact here. Ours for
example can take upto seven hours to fully replicate. (More often than not
its about two hours) 

Hope this helps. 

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-- I don't think that there is alternate recipients. Run a custom query on
AD and set the query as:

-- ProxyAddresses Starts With SMTP:user@xxxxxxxxxx

How do I do this?

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