[ExchangeList] Body stripped from e-mails

  • From: "Dan Klobnak" <dan.klobnak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 15:11:33 -0500

Hi there, Exchange 2000 Standard SP3 (version 6.0 Build 6249.4 SP3) on a
Windows 2000 server. Last night I shut down the server to convert to a
rack mount. This conversion was external only. There was no need to open
the case. After completion, upon rebooting the server, the external
e-mail which had been held in queue by our corporate puremessage spam
server, started coming into our system and going to appropriate
mailboxes as expected. 


I connected to my inbox (Outlook) noticed that I had several e-mails
delivered after the reboot. Two were from the president of company. I
opened and saw there was no body to her e-mails. I found this strange. 

I had eight additional external e-mails, from newsgroups, etc. All of
them opened fine. I assumed the issue was around the President's e-mails
(she insists on using AOL (I KNOW), so I figured we'll deal with it


When I came in this a.m. it appears that a lot of incoming external
e-mails lost their body content (but not all). Doing some spot checking
there seems to be no obvious relationship between those e-mails which
lost the body content and those that did not. It does not matter e-mail
type: Plain text versus HTML. It seems that e-mail sent from a person
was more likely to have its content stripped while e-mail from a news
group, or e-mail newsletter was not stripped (but there have been
exceptions to this as well). 


Our firewall does not utilize an SMTP proxy. I spoke with a few people,
including our corporate folks to (to see if they were having issues with
their spam server, - NO), and the response to our scenario is "I've
never heard of that before". 


It should be noted that the issues were resolved after the catch up of
the incoming e-mail. No complaints since then. 


I am at a loss. I'd be happier if all the e-mails lost their body's. It
would make sense. ANY suggestions??


Thanks, Dan


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