Re: Blackberry on Exch 2000

  • From: carlos@xxxxxxxxxx
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 11:15:22 -0700

We were early adopters here, of both Exchange 2000 and Blackberry 2000. 
We've been using it since the beta release of the Blckberry MMC. Works
Great. The install process was a bit cumbersome, and no documentation was
available, the RIM tech support was great, well the 1 guy they had who
knew the Exchange 2000/BB integration, other than him the other tech
support people really had no clue. I would think they now have accurate
documentation and a cleaner install process.

We are running one Blackberry Server, and it fully integrates with our
Exchange 2000/AD environment.  It has it's on MMC snap-in and adding,
deleting users is a snap. Slightly different than on Exchange 5.5 but
still fairly simple. Haven't had a problem with it and it's going for
almost a year now.

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