Blackberry and Exchange

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Hi Shawn,

I believe that they are referring to Outlook Mobile Access, which only 
supported Microsoft Smart Phones. An announcement was made that Microsoft would 
also be incorporating support for the Treo, but my understanding is that it is 
not yet available. 

If you are not planning on running a Blackberry Enterprise server in your 
environment, you can install the desktop client to just redirect your email 
from your client workstation, however this only works when the workstation is 
powered on and connected to the mail server.

The vendor that sold you the Blackberry device and is providing you the service 
( AT&T, Cingular, Tmobile, Verizon ) will give you free support, also the 
documentation on the software installation CD is quiet good.

You can also try

You should know this list by now, you need to do a little homework before 
posting a question. :-)

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??? Something I should know about.

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On 12/1/05, Maglinger, Paul <PMAGLINGER@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> You might want to wait until the litigation is over... :-)

Good point!  Can you say goodbye BES, hello OMA.


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