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For the FSMO roles you need to go into active directory restore mode and
seize the roles using NTDSutil, This is not a good idea id you plan to
bring the old server back online as two servers will be trying to hold
the roles

Good luck

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I will answer the first questions only.

You need to manually delete the CN=Microsoft Exchange node, which you
can find in the Configuration container of your domain
(CN=Configuration, DC=BlueSky-inc-10, DC=com), under the node labelled
CN=Services, by using ADSI edit utility in windows 2000 support tools.

Best Regards

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Hello all,
I know this is not the very good place for that but i did not find
another place... sorry So, my exchange server crashed. The only solution
I had is to reinstall it from the beginning. Now, w2k sp2 and AD are
installed. I gave my new server the same name and ip address but now,
I've the following problem : my AD has still some informations of the
old exchange. So, how can I delete them properly ? My second problem is
that my old exchange server was operations master (RID, PDC and schema).
The new server can not retrieve these informations, so I tried to
transfer the operations masters to another DC but i get the error
message : the current FSMO holder could not be contacted. I tried to
change it using ntdsutil.exe but no results... if someone can help me,
I'd be very grateful. Per advance, thanks so much for your help Arnaud

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