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i agreed with raj.

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Brick level backups are not recommended for Exchange Server. It takes up too much resources for backup, and doesn't help in server recovery. You should use a daily database backup for all Information stores. The store level backups take less tape because it doesn't break the single instance storage. Store level backups are the best option when you are doing a disaster recovery. If you are doing brick level in order to recover single user mail boxes, try to build a dedicated recovery server, and use the store level backups for recovering single mailboxes. But as a practice, I discourage my users from asking for single mailbox restores. Educate users on how to use deleted items recovery. As far as the backup application is concerned, for store level backups, I use NTBackup, which is the best in my opinion for Exchange backup and restore. I use a script for doing daily backups, disk to disk in a SAN. It works great. We have had 2 disasters in the past 2 years, in both cases the store level backups done using NTbackups recovered the servers without any issues.


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Subject: [ExchangeList] Backing up Exchange 2003

Would anyone mind sharing with me how they are backing up their exchange server 2003? My Users have tripled in the last 2 months and now it is requiring me to use 3 dlt tapes per day.
I am currently using CA for exchange daily backing up microsoft exchange server brick level. Is anyone doing anything different or special?  is there a need to backup the database level?

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