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In order to do a brick level backup, ie, individual mailboxes, with backup
exec, you need to have microsoft outlook installed on the backup server, and
a profile created for the exchange service account......which, BTW has to be
the same account the backup exec services are running under....also, the
account needs to be an exchange service account in order to access other
users' mailboxes for backup....what I decided was this....since I am logging
on to the exchange server with the service account, I simply installed
outlook on the exchange server, created a profile for the backup exec
service account, installed backup exec, the exchange agent, and a tape drive
locally on my exchange box, changed all backup exec services so that they
are logging in with the exchange service account, and am backing up the
exchange directory, information store, and mailboxes locally......

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Is it possible to back up individual mailboxes on EXCH 5.5?  I was under the
impression that it couldn't be done. 

I use Veritas Backup Exec and I am ableto restore the database to a failover


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I suggest ArcServer... Recently renamed to Brightstor.   Computer
Associates makes it.   Been using it for years without any problems to
backup Exchange, SQL server,... Everything.   It can be kind of a pain
in the butt to get configured perfectly for every little agent (exchange,
sql, etc) but once its ticking it never dies.

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At the moment we use HP OmniBack II to backup our Exchange 5.5 Server

However, there are 2 things it CAN'T do which are crucial to us;
1>      Restore individual mailboxes without doing a complete restore.
2>      Restore the private information store on a different server.

Any opinions?  What backup solution do you guys use?

Mr. Andrea Coppini
+49 163 5 ANDREA (263732)


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