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Create an outlook profile for the hr mailbox and launch that profile. Set the 
rule up while in the hr profile. That will fix the from issue.

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Good morning Ladies and Gents,

Running Exchange 2000 with Client using Outlook 2000.

We have a mailbox for the HR Dept to share  (Additional mailbox within their 
Exchange Profiles) and who want an Auto reply to anyone who applies to a job 
posting stating they recieved the application and thanks for applying.

I've setup this one user in HR for Send On Behalf for the HR mailbox on the 
Exchange server and setup a Rule in her Profile to send a Auto reply back with 
specific words in the Subject and Body of the message. I've disabled Word Spell 
check and created a Outlook Template which I'm using for the Auto Replies.

 I can get it to work but it's comes from her address and not the HR address.

What is it I'm missing here?



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