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Exchange 2003 can listen for SMTP connections on any port or ports.  I would
expect the same capability in E2K.

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I am not sure if Exchange can be configured to listen on 587 in addition to
25, but it is accepting inbound authenticated connections is what you meant.


A work around (as long as your Exchange server is properly configured) is to
add an inbound rule to your firewall (you are running a firewall aren't you)
to redirect incoming port 587 traffic on the external interface to port 25
on the internal destination.


John T

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We have several users who access their Exchange accounts via POP and SMTP.
Recently, several large ISPs have started blocking outbound traffic that
does not use their servers. Is there a way to tell Exchange 2000 to use
authenticated outbound connections (e.g., over port 587)?



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