Auditing of folders in Exchange server

  • From: "melbinmathew" <mmathew@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 02:44:06 -0600

I want to develop an application for getting the notifications when a 
message is read/deleted for about 40,000 mailboxes.   I am using Exchange
server 2000/2003. i am using that as the email server also. I tried to use
the Advisesink using MAPI but then i came across the problem of the
limitation of 255 mailboxes in a single process. For 40,000 mailboxes if i
am using seperate processes it will come upto 200 processes which is not
feasible. I read about  "Exchange store events: synchronous events,
asynchronous events, and system events". But there no way to get the READ
     1) In the WeDAV notifications ObjectModified and ObjectDeleted is
there, so i think i will be getting the read and delete events. But then i
wanted to know is there any limitation in WebDAV also like there in MAPI
for 255 mailboxes on a single process. I read that "You cannot open more
than 256 mailboxes by using WebDAV in Exchange Server
2003"( . Are we opening the mailbox
for using the WebDAV notification as in MAPI?

      2) Another way i got is the auditing : issue a PROPPATCH on the
folder on which you want to enable the auditing

scriptors.asp), and pass along a security descriptor containing a SACL.
I got Implementing auditing includes the following steps:
1. Enable auditing.
2.Select the object to audit, and set the system access control list
(SACL) for the object.
3. Configure the event log.
4. Test the audit configuration.
    But then i don't know how to do the 3rd and 4th steps. Please anybody
help me.

Thanks in Advance,

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