Attachments problem

  • From: "Spelt, Martijn" <M.spelt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 16:48:39 +0100

Hello All,
We are having an problem with attachments since this morning, the 
Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP2
Exchange 2000 server SP2
Clients: outlook 2000 SR1
the problem is that all emails with attachments for outside our domain, 
( can't been opened within outlook 2000. This is for all type of 
attachments, we use groupshield on the exchange server, en mcafee on the 
clients, but even with groupshield en mcafee disabled the problem exists.
When we open the same email within outlook express, we can see the attachment 
en open it with no problems, also when we sent an email with attachment to one 
of oure unix servers from outside domains, we can open the attachments with no 
It looks like it only happends outlook 2000, all other mails, have no problems 
at all, and sending atachements from internal to internal and internal to 
external works also fine.
We get also some eventlogs on the exchange server the same time we try to open 
an attachment in outlook, 

Type: Failure
source: MSExchangeIS
Category: Content Engine 
event-ID: 12002
Date:  18-12-2002
Time:  16:41:31
User:  n.v.t.
Computer: WI004
Error 8004010F-80000000 occurred while processing message <> from ' 
<mailto:'user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'> user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'. 

For more information, click  <> 

I looked on technet, eventid and google, it looks to me quite vage problem, 
there were no modifications on the server, the only thing we did this morning  
was adjusting the diagnostics loggin setting of the exchange server smtp from 
none to minimum, i think it's somehow related to this action.

If you have an idea about this, let me know 


Martijn Spelt
Computer & Network Services
Gemeentelijk Havenbedrijf Rotterdam

Tel 010- 252 19 76
Fax 010- 252 19 57
E-mail m.spelt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

World Port Center
Wilhelminakade 909
3072 AP Rotterdam


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