Any ideas on this request (address book synchronization)

  • From: "Alexander Rayborn" <alexander@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 06:50:38 -0600

Hi gang... new to the list (I usually just hang on isalist).  I'll try to
keep this brief, but if you have a solution to recommend please do.

Problem: two companies who recently merged want to have an address book
available in Outlook on both Exchange servers.  Companies have NOT merged
Active Directories... and better yet, one company is on Exchange 2000 in
native mode and the other is on NT4/Exchange 5.5 with no plans to upgrade.
 Companies are in two separate cities, but a full T1 WAN exists between
the two.

One of the higher-ups at the NT4/5.5 company wants the ability to have an
address book with the other company's address list (much like a GAL) in
his Outlook, and he wants it updating to the minute.

I can't really find any way to accomplish this since the Exchange 2000
server is in native mode and in a completely different Active
Directory/MSExchange organization.

Sysadmin at NT4/5.5 company is fully convinced that X.400 will solve the
problem, but he doesn't know how.  Assigned me to research it and report
back to him.

My recommendation: Hand-create an address book and import a CSV of the
contacts.  (Har har har).



P.S.  Hi, btw.  :)

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