[ExchangeList] Re: Any idea what this is ckExch2k.exe?

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Thanks for the reply. I'll see if I can do some research into this. If
you could provide some more detail when you have some free time I would
appreciate it. 
James Chong
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just a hunch but there is a problem with a file creation utility used by
the Exchange team that fails to create files where there is no 8.3
filename stored and the NTFS filename as spaces in it (such as in 'Local
Settings')- this may be the case with some security options set by
Microsoft issued and other GPOs. Sorry I cannot be more specific as I'm
not at work and have no sensible access to TechNet. The cure - which may
lead to the knowledge base article - is to set your TEMP and TMP
environment variables to point to a location such as C:\TEMP.
Regards, Roger Mackenzie


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Subject: [ExchangeList] Any idea what this is ckExch2k.exe?

-------------------------------------------------------Anybody know what
this is? I get these errors "ckexch2k.exe encountered
a problem and needed to close" when I log into an Ex2k3 server
sometimes. When viewing details, I see that it's pointing to my local
profile temp directory. There is no file there. I think this application
and running and needs to create some temp file in my directory but
fails. I searched the server for this file and comes up nothing.

szAppName: ckExch2k.exe
szAppVer: 6.0.58745.285
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