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Thanks everyone for your input.  What we're actually doing is installing 
Ciphertrust's IronMail.  I don't have much documentation on it yet but it is 
supposed to be able to integrate one of the following antivirus technologies -- 
Sophos, McAfee, Norton, and TrendMicro.  When I posted my question, I only knew 
that we could choose between Sophos and McAfee.  I found out about the latter 
two from a PCMag review.  
This would be for our first line of defense.  We don't use Exchange to 
communicate with foreign SMTP servers (Internet) but we do incorporate Trend's 
ScanMail for E2K. 
I haven't used McAfee in 7 years and Sophos is a complete unknown for me.  So, 
your thoughts are welcome!
So, if this is too far off the beaten path, I understand.  IronMail isn't 
Exchange-related but it should help keep a ton of spam out of my Exchange 
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I have been using McAffee GroupShield for a long time, both on 5.5 and 2000, 
and it has always worked very well. The EX2000 version has a nice MMC snap-in 
that makes it very easy to configure.
One problem I have found though is its compatibility with anti-spam software 
for EX2000. GFI support have confirmed to me that it is not compatible with 
MailEssentials, and another anti-spam product I looked at was not listing GS as 
compatible. As far as I can see McAfee do not have an anti-spam product for 
EX2000 in their product range currently.
Obviously you are only looking at exchange plug-ins and not windows server AV 
products? As you cannot run the latter on an exchange server.

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From: Edwards, Dan [mailto:Daniel.Edwards@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Thursday, April 03, 2003 5:04 PM
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Subject: [exchangelist] Antivirus

We're looking at some antivirus products.  We now need to choose between McAfee 
and Sophos.  This may be too off-topic but it is in regard to scanning e-mail.  

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