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Nice analysis there Rob :p
Would you care to share your reasons for 'rubbish' and 'brilliant'. If
you don't know a product you shouldn't be taking other people's word for
its quality.
I may well get flamed for this but just posting links is turning this
list into a mail version of google. If people are going to make
recommendations it would be extremely helpful if they can detail their
experiences briefly. If i do get flamed I guess I can find another list,
so feel free to state if you think I am out of line :)
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McAfee/NAI Groupshield is rubbish!!! Not sure about Sophos....
Have a look at Sybari Antigen v5.0 - it has 4 (free) AV Engines built in
- Kaspersky / Computer Associates Inoculate/Vet / Norman Data...... and
I'm due to start evaluating it any day now....... Apparently it's
brilliant!!!! :-)

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