Alternate recipients - strange routing

  • From: "Leo" <leoperis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 05:35:39 -0600

A real strange one....

We have joined an exchange 5.5 org and added two exchange 
2000 bridgehead servers (one with a routing group 
connector and the other with an smtp connector) and a 
mailbox server to the 5.5 site.

The exchange 5.5 servers are send emails to the exchange 
2000 server even though it has delivered the email itself 

Let me explain...

The exchange 5.5 server has several mailboxes that have an 
alternate recipients listed in the delivery options tab 
and the tick box is selected 'deliver to local mailbox 
also'. The alternate recipient is a custom recipient with 
an external email address.

For example:
Mailbox - "John Brown" - john.brown@xxxxxxxxxxx, alternate 
recipient "JB"
Custom recipient - "JB" - JB@xxxxxxxxxxxx

When a user mails John Brown the messages get delivered to 
him locally at domain A and externally to JB@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Since the addition of the exchange 2000 servers the 
exchange 5.5 server does the same as above but then also 
tries to send this message to the E2k bridgehead server. 
The bridgehead server responds with an NDR (user not know) 
to the sender ? This is confusing the hell out of me and 
the senders who keep resending messages.

This only happens to the users with "alternate recipient" 

Has anyone seen this before?


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