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Please try the following things -

- Try to log on using DomainName\Logingname combination rather than UPN

- If you are supporting multiple recipient policies for generating SMTP
mail address make sure that each recipient policy includes the default
SMTP address. This make sense, when u authenticate to OWA server, it
does an AD query for your alias followed by SMTP address.

- You can also try connecting directly to the mailbox by typing
https://exchange server/exchange/mailbox name.

- If you are seeing an HTTP error 500 or an error code that look like
2146893055. The problem might be that u are attempting to use Kerberos
authentication because integrated windows authentication is enabled on
the server.

- This can be also due to if your local computer clock is off by more
than 5 minutes from the domain controller.

If this not help you please send the http error code.


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Morning All,
I have an issue with an existing exchange 2003 server on windows 2003 (1
box inc. DC and Exchange)
I have a mailbox which I can access using Outlook or OWA whether
internally or externally.

I then created a new OU, and created some users in that OU.  
These users cannot receive external mail although they can receive
internal mail OK.
Also they cannot access their mailbox with OWA.  
Internally they get asked for the password 3 times and then they get the
HTTP unauthorised message.
Externally, it's similar in that is says the username and password are
I then moved the user to the Users OU in ADU&C but I still get the same

I have checked that the recipient policy is correct, each user is OWA
enabled, passwords are correct.

I'm sure I'm missing something really simple but????????

Has anyone got any more idea's



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