Admin /r when changing service account for new domain. Please Hel p

  • From: Tony McCarthy <Tony@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2002 11:51:49 +1300

Hi Everyone,
I'm still planning my strategy for changing 2 Exchange servers to a new
domain and 
still can't decide on the best strategy. Below is the MS recommended method
which seems 
to make sense except for the Admin /r bit. I mean I've tried moving Exchange
to a new domain 
twice in a test lab but I still can't bring up Exchange once the move is
made. The changes in 
service account permissions to reflect the new domain aren't accepted by
I've tried hacking the registry and all sorts of things but no luck. The new
is set to logon as a service and all those other recommended rights.
I can't bring up Exchange Admin even when trying the Admin /r method because
most services won't start.
Am I pushing the sticky stuff up hill by trying to change domains? I mean
would I be better off
reinstalling the Exchange server into the new domain and then just copying
and pasting the various
db folders to preserve mailboxes etc. This is really stressing me out
because I need to do this on Monday.
Most of Ed's methods refer to changing servers or adding new servers to
sites with little or no
reference to changing domains. Has anyone out there done what I'm trying to
do?? Basically all I
want to do is change domains. The site, org and servers will stay the same.
One server will be running W2K as 
a domain controller and the other one will be a member server running NT4.
These steps were taken from KB article
Q151777 <> ,
"XADM: How to Move a Microsoft Exchange Server to a
New Domain".
1.   Make a full backup of the DSADATA subdirectory.
2.   Create a new Microsoft Exchange Service Account with
the desired user name and password. Grant this account the
Logon as a Service, Backup and Restore, and Act as Part of
the Operating System rights.
3.   Start the Microsoft Exchange Administrator program in
raw mode, Admin /r, and add the new Microsoft Exchange
Service Account to the Organization, Site, and Configuration
containers. Grant this account the Service Account Admin
4.   Add the new account to the Schema object by completing
the following steps:
        a.   View the Raw directory.
        b.   Highlight the schema and choose Raw Properties from the
               File Menu.
        c.   Edit the Windows NT security Descriptor Object
               Attribute and click OK.
        d.   Add the new account, click OK, and click Set.
5.   Run the Services tool from the Control Panel and shut
down the Microsoft Exchange System Attendant. Then assign
ownership of each Microsoft Exchange Service to the new
Microsoft Exchange Service Account.
6.   Restart the computer.
7.   Start the Microsoft Exchange Administrator program in
raw mode again and remove the old account from the
Organization, Site, Configuration, and Schema containers.   

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