Address encapsulation question

  • From: "Humphrey, Jay CIV" <c6fsysad@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "'[ExchangeList]'" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2002 08:37:54 +0200

Hi all,
 We are experiencing a weird problem with how Exchange encapsulates X.400
addresses in SMTP. We have 16 separate sites in various parts of the world
all part of the same organization. Directory replication is done over SMTP.
We are seeing all of the sites in the GAL and get directory updates when
changes are made. However, we are having an issue with two of our servers
encapsulating the incorrect SMTP domain onto messages sent over the IMC. On
these two servers the IMC is configured to forward messages to a Unix-based
email relay rather than use DNS.
What happens is instead of putting the SMTP domain address for the recipient
exchange is adding the SMTP address for the next hop. So for example a user
on ServerA sends a message to a user on ServerD but the message has to pass
through ServerB and ServerC (bridgehead) to get there. Instead of
encapsulating the message like
the address ends up something like
Notice that it has the correct site name of ServerD but yet it still adds
the incorrect SMTP address. Normally this would not be that big of a deal
but this is causing some NDRs due to excessive hops because most of these
servers are inside of firewalls and the messages have to pass through the
firewalls as well as various other virus scanners and what-not. It also
causes each server in the link to have to process the message instead of
just forwarding it on because the SMTP address that is appended makes it
appear that the message is for that server rather than the actual
recipient's server.
I have been troubleshooting this issue to death and have not made a
breakthrough yet. I am hoping someone on the list can shed some light.
Thank you,
Jay Humphrey

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