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  • Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2010 15:23:09 +0300

This problem looks a routing Email issue, therefore If the newly introduced 
exchange 2003 (Ex02) is not same administrative group to previous Exchange 
servers, create a Bridgehead server with the other Administrative group…

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You have to start troubleshooting things in a sequence.
Did the email leave the client’s outbox folder.
Are the emails stuck in a q on the newly introduced server.

Can users send email to one another where they are both housed on the new 

How did you install the new server?
How did you introduce this server to the exchange org?


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Subject: [ExchangeList] Additional Exchange 2003 Server

Hi Exchange Experts,

I added one more exchange 2003 server onto an exchange 2003 org. Now I have 
Ex01 and Ex02. My problem is that the users whose mailboxes are housed on newly 
introduced exchange 2003 (Ex02) are not able to send/receive emails.

What configs do I need to quickly fix this ASAP!


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