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1.       Make the new server Exchange 2007

·         Read: http://www.msexchange.org/tutorials/Transitioning-Exchange-2000-2003-Exchange-Server-2007-Part1.html or similar articles that cover migrating to E2k7 and retiring your E2k7 servers

·         Recommend going with a CCR cluster, which requires at least 3 E2k7 server (CCR node 1, CCR node 2, HUB & CAS server)

o   If you call all-in-one then HUB, CAS, & MBX roles can be on one system

·         If you don’t go CCR then at least setup LCR

·         If you do goto E2k7, you will need to replace your FE with a E2k7 CAS server before you move mailboxes to E2k7

2.       Recommend adding at least one addition DC.


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Since there is only 1000 Mailboxes in the Organization, new Back end server should be a well versed solution.


I will recommend you to distribute the mailboxes, so everything should go ok.





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No cons really; this is the correct step. The only con is probably to considering migrating to 07 which will give you a that significant IO reduction via incremental memory.




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Subject: [ExchangeList] Adding Additional Exchange Backend Server

Hi All:

The Current Exchange Setup is as follows:


# Frontend – Backend Setup

# 1 Frontend  Server (with RPC over HTTPs proxy) + 1 Backend Server (1000 mailboxes) + 1 Domain Controller

# Windows 2003 Enterprise Server (SP2) + Exchange 2003 Enterprise Server (SP2).


We are planning to add an additional backend server with higher disk and I/O capacity and move the mailboxes on the new server.


The steps are broadly outlined as below:


1. Additional Server joining the Existing windows domain
2. Installing Exchange server joining the Existing Exchange Organization.
3. Creating Multiple Mailbox Stores to distribute Mailboxes between stores.
4. Moving mailboxes to a New Exchange Server


Can somebody please guide me through the pros/cons of this setup or pre-defined checklist that one needs to take care of in this kind of migration.


Thanks & Regards



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