Active Directory Replication

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OK this is completely out of the scope of ISA .. but i was wondering..
we have here 3 domain controllers, 2 in a single site and one on a
different site that is across a WAN link.. now it takes a long time for
any changes to take effect.. for instance like when i reset a passwrod
it takes a liong time before the new password is changed and takes
effect.. for a long time the user can still access with the same old

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emails sent to an outlook 2000 client & exch 5.5 mailbox are arriving in
the inbox and after 1-2 mins are disappearing.
MAPI Profile to exchange is cfg'd correctly and delivery is set to
NOT pst(s).  Can't even find msg after disappearing with adv find and
there are no rules or filters present.
Even happens for a test email from the problem mailbox to itself.

Please help

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