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Yes.  But the answer depends on how you create new users.  Do you use the
MMC tools or do you custom create users?
What's your comfort level with admin type scripting?  


Future account creation:

If you have some other way you do administrivia, then you'll need to let us
know how that process works and what you intend to do with it.  LDFIDE is a
PITA that really should be a last resort unless you're just so bored that
you need something to do.  LDIFDE is so unforgiving it's barely worth the
effort to work with IMHO.


P.S. I'm just guessing, but you're not as likely to get help from Microsoft
if you start by calling them 'Mother Microsoft' which may be taken as a
derogatory statement.  It's best to usually post with just the facts and
leave the commentary out if you really want to get a useful response from
the company you're talking about.  They may not see the same sense of humor
that you do.  Just a piece of free advice; take it for what it's worth <g>


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I'm changing everything...
This is a Rule that we have to set on our AD and on the Exchange Global
List.... I used the ADModify.NET to make a bulk change on what was possible
(you know... a lot of mistakes had been made on the previous administration,
like, wrong P.O Box number, etc... simple things but huge effects!).
Now I tried the ldifde to creat a list of the objects on the AD and now I'm
changin one by one on the txt file.... BORING....
I think that Mother Microsoft should do something about this amazing service
that is the AD....
Does anyone knows here I can find something that I can change the logic that
creates the Dysplay name??? Like... the default setting is <First
Name><Initials><.><Last Name>


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