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  • Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2005 23:45:29 +0200

The ISA is not between the 2 sites, it is only separating aite "A" from
the internet, but there is a router between the 2 Sites which is
configured with minimal defaults.






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Relax the RPC on the ISA server


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From: Waleed Omer [mailto:WMahmoud@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Hello Deep,


AD Replication is working perfectly between the 2 sites (A&B), the KCC
is taking care of it.


1- Exchange in Site "A" is having the ISA as its Default gateway (that
ISA is having DNS installed with a secondary zone of the internal DNS
and also does the forwarding to the internet).

The Exchange also in Site "A" is using its site's domain controller as
its primary DNS and site "B" DC as its secondary DNS.



2- Exchange in site "B" is using its site DC as its primary DNS and site
"A" DC as its secondary.

The DNS is only one internal Active directory integrated zone replicated
to all Domain Controllers in the forest.


Clients in every Site are using their site's DC respectively as the
primary DNS in their IP configurations.


Thanks & Regards

Waleed Omar




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Hello Waleed Omer-san, 


We have some questions regarding the problem that you are facing.



1> How is the Replication Topoloy for your Active Directory

2> What is the DNS Configuration in your Active Directory Setup.


It seems that this is not a problem from the Exchange END as when he is
in his local Domain he is able to access his mail box. and he is also
able to access it using OWA. This seems that he cannot access him mail
box using MAPI. 


In this case Outlook Is not able to Communicate with the GC or the DNS
Server Correctely. 


For this you might need to check your Replication Topology and ALso your
DNS configurations.







On 12/2/05, Waleed Omer <WMahmoud@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all,


Recently I gave recommendations to a friend to install his 2 exchange
servers which are in different cities into one organization unit and
into one routing group since the communications between the 2 sites is
reliable 2 M.B.


Every location is actually an Active directory site with its own GC; the
AD is a single domain model. 


Everything is working very fine except for one thing: when a user from
site B for example is trying to configure his outlook and exchange
account to access his mailbox from site A, he can't do that at all and
the only way for him is OWA. 


 What can be the reason for that?


Thanks & Regards,


Waleed Omar

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