Accesseing OWA problem

  • From: "Hady Haddad" <thehad@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 03:48:07 -0700

Hi all
I'm having a problem accessing the owa to one of the sites in my
organization.I hope someone could help me.

I have a windows 2003 forest composed of 4 sites.I have a main root
server, and four different children domains/active directories,each in its
own site all in one exchange organization.I'm using exchange 2003 ofcourse
with the latest service packs.

for the outlook web access i have a front-end exchange server that
redirects the calls to the appropriate site or backend exchange.

everything is working fine on all sites except one. the problem wit this
one is that sometimes i'm able to acces it and sometimes not. when it
doesn't access, the page just keeps loading with nothing apearing on it.
then for no reason if i try after lets say an hour without doing any
changes, the page just opens fine.this happens to any user account on this
specific site or AD.
the confusing part is that if i try to access the OWA directly through the
back-end server, everything works perfect.
i've made sure that the IIS setting on the 4 sites are the same.

Please I need help. this problem has been bugging me for more than
beggining of my OWA implimentation.

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