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I would go to AD and right click on the user and select RENAME.
I had to do this to correct all of my Display names.
Also, whatever you list as their Email address on the first page
of the User properties should be how it shows up. It at least works
that way for me.

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I have configured in my Active Directory the Display Name like this: SA-Alan 
Leyva, two first character indicate the department of the user, in this case is 
the user Alan Leyva of the Sales Department, but I have the following problem: 
when anybody send an email outside the organization the message is received in 
the other hand of this way 
SA-Alan Leyva alanleyva@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Is possible configure the descriptive name of a mail account ? How?
Thanks & Regards
Ing. Alan Leyva Acosta
Esp. Sistemas de Computación
Datacimex, Corp. Cimex, S.A.
Phone: 203 9453
Email: alanleyva@xxxxxxxxxxxx
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