ADC Question for migration

  • From: "Chris Wall" <Chris.Wall@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 02:27:17 -0400

Hello all; I appreciate your assistance with the following...


Step 1 - we had 3 NT 4 domains each containing an Exchange 5.5 site in
the same organization.


Step 2 - We created an empty AD Root and joined our corporate NT4 domain
(running PDC Emulation) to the AD forest as a child domain.  I will
refer to this as 'Domain_A'.  The 2 remote domains (Domain_B and
Domain_C) remained NT4.  Once Domain_A was rid of all BDC's and PDC's, I
installed Exchange 2003 in mixed mode.  During this I created ADC
Connection agreements on an Exchange 2003 server in Domain_A for all
domains with Exchange 5.5 servers.  


  These Connection Agreements included 3 types.  The one for Domain_A
was Two-Way, and the other CA's are One-Way (From Exchange to Windows).


Step 3 - we upgraded Domains B and C and joined them to our forest.


Step 4 - I have now installed an Exchange 2003 server in the Domain_B
site/routing group.  (I have not yet installed and Exchange 2003 server
in Domain_C yet)


Now that you have this information, I can successfully create new
Mailbox enabled AD accounts in Domain B, however I am unable to send
mail to these new accounts.  Also, the new Exchange 2003 Mailbox enabled
accounts do not show up in the GAL for the Exchange 5.5 server in the
same site/routing group.


I believe this is because all Mixed Mode sites require a Two-Way
Connection Agreement as indicated in KB 303180.  

If I am right, I need to simply mark the Connection Agreement for
Domain_B as a two way agreement instead of One way - this will then
replicate the new AD accounts to the Exchange 5.5 server in the same


My question is, once I select 'Two Way' as the connection type for
Domain_B, how should I configure the other settings?  Should I do the

1.      On the General Tab

        a.      mark the Connection Agreement for Domain_B as 'Two-Way'

2.      On the Connections Tab

        a.      Should I select the Exchange server as the 5.5 server in
the site over port 389 or the new 2003 Exchange server over port 379?

3.      on the 'From Windows' tab (I am almost confident in these steps)

        a.      specify the child domain (
in the "Windows Organizational Units:" field
        b.      specify the default destination as the 'Recipients'
container in the same 5.5 site
        c.      deselect all Objects: so that they are not replicated
        d.      Check the radio button next to "Replicate Secured Active
Directory Object to the Exchange Directory" 

4.      on the 'Advanced' tab (here is my main concern....)

        a.      Deselect ALL checkboxes since there is already a
connection agreement in Domain_A that is selected as 'Primary for the
connected Windows domain'.  I definitely do not need to select
'Interorganization Connection agreement' nor 'Primary for the connected
Exchange Organization'.  I just don't know if I should select 'Primary
for the connected Windows domain'.  There is a warning that this should
only be specified on one of the CA's, which it is for Domain_A.


After doing so much reading on how this should be setup, I am confusing
myself and need to make sure that I have the ADC setup correctly for
Domain_B so that mail flows correctly....  My main concerns are (A)
whether to specify the new exchange 2003 server or the 5.5 server as in
bullet #2 above and (B) what selection to choose as specified in bullet
#4 above.  


Sorry to be long winded, but wanted to provide as much info as





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