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  • Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 17:29:21 -0500

Hello all,

   Have a quick ADC design question for you all before running in a test


Environment Info:

   I am currently running Exchange 5.5 in one Exchange Organization with 3
different Exchange sites.  Each Site is in a different NT 4.0 Domain, which
are connected by trusts to our Corporate Domain...

   We have currently upgraded the 'Corporate' domain to Win 2003 AD.   This
'Corporate' 2003 AD domain has the internal Exchange 5.5 server that acts as
a bridgehead with x.400 and Directory Replication Connectors to the other
two Exchange 5.5 Sites.  Each of those trusted Domains have only 1 Exchange
5.5 server in their Exchange site.



   When configuring the ADC in the Corporate AD domain, I assume that I can
only connect it to the local Exchange 5.5 Site (Since AD is not running in
the other two domains).  

1. Should each site have its own ADC connector for Replication?  If so, that
means that each NT 4 Domain must be upgraded to 2003 AD first...  

2. Or can I setup one ADC connection to the local 5.5 site that contains the
Bridgehead?  If so, I assume this ADC connection will update Corporate AD
with 'contacts' for accounts in the remote Exchange 5.5 sites.  Will this
cause any issues with Public folder permissions since the 5.5 accounts will
appear as contacts?


If #2 is a viable option, and I hope it is, then what happens when I have
migrated all Exchange 5.5 accounts, public folders, contacts, etc to the new
Exchange 2003 servers...  Will I need to keep the Exchange 5.5 Bridgehead
running until I can upgrade the other 2 domains to AD so they can have their
own ADC's and not have to rely on updates from the Exchange 5.5 Bridgehead?


Kind of confusing, but none of Microsoft's books or white papers really
address this scenario.  They all seem to assume that all Exchange 5.5 are in
an AD environment prior to introducing the ADC.


Thanks for any information or thoughts...




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