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Like you said it is not a very nice way of doing things, but thats life :-)

The biggest issue you are going to encounter is the fact that the Exchange
5.5 Directory Service (LDAP) uses the same port as Active Directory port 389
so if you want to run Exchange 5.5 on a Windows 2000 Domain Controller you
will need to change the port number used by Exchange 5.5, here is a link
that should help you out:;en-us;Q224447

Hope this helps
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   I've got a situation where I've been asked to put Exchange 5.5 on the
same box as a W2K server running AD as a secondary DC in a child domain.
Personally I think this is a bad idea as I generally like to keep Exchange
on its own box due to public folder replication and all the normal traffic
and general business that goes with an Exchange server. The domain isn't
particularly large and there are less than 100 mailboxes that will need to
be migrated to the W2K AD server. There are about 20 fairly large public
folders though and replication, X400 connectors etc have to traverse about
20 Exchange sites across several countries. I'm curious to hear what other
people think about Exchange and AD on the same box. It's come down to a
costs benefits argument and personally I think it's better to spend a bit
more and have Exchange on its own server. I'll be looking at upgrading to
Exchange 2K before too long also so I guess that would stress the server out
even more.



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