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Andrew, you have the problem in front of you and you are not addressing it.


You need to stop working on promoting or changing anything until you get the
1058 and 1030 errors corrected. This probably indicates a problem that was
not resolved or worked around before and is now coming back. 


I have a client that is suffering this and my next step is to call PSS as I
know it has to do with AD problems stemming from a DC crash last year and
another consultant meddling with things before that.


John T

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I have been banging my head up against the wall since I attempted to joining
R2 as a secondary AD to the primary AD which runs 2003 SE. The R2 got as far
as "Examining Active Directory" and then said the AD Schema was the
incorrect version even though the 2003 SE AD is in Native 2003 mode. And to
make it worse 2003 SE only promoted the R2 box as a member of the Domain and
not a Domain controller. 


Error 1058, and 1030 have been showing up in the application event logs
saying policy {key} "Windows can not access the gp.ini file"... I have
looked at all the help online and nothing points to this serious issues it's
all predated Windows 2003 Server stuff. Even when I run ntdsutil.exe and
"list domains" it only shows the primary AD 2003 SE it doesn't show the R2


I have not been able to find anything that helps me figure out how to remove
the policy which doesn't exist. I have even tried for argument sake
DCPROMO'd a 2003 SE to the AD and even though it transferred the AD stuff it
still does not see it under the AD, and complains about the policy from
before still, plus when I attempt to remove the new 2003 SE I just joined up
I get unable to find "servername.domainname.local" even though I can ping it
from CMD.


I basically need to swing AD off Exchange because there has been some issues
regarding Exchange stability were the server has come close to tanking
twice. Instead of risking it tanking for good I thought it would wise to
swing AD; if I had only known that R2 was so problematic I would have not
used it, now I am in a serious bind. :( 


I am open to suggestions. Thanks! 





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