RE: AD No way to backup alone

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First of all there is a risk in everything, and I cannot tell you it
will work 100%, I don't know you network that well.

So what have you got now, 2 DCs (the old one and the new one) running

If you have both DC's running then there should not be a problem with
running DCPROMO on the old server and demoting it to a member server.

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>make sure the member server is configured as a DNS
>client since AD relies on DNS. Or preferable u can
>install DNS service on it.
>Then can u ping the DC from the member server? Try all
>these and let me know what happens.
>Are u tring to install an additional DC.

I am trying to install the additional server that will be a replacement
the DC.
I have done the 1st part . The problem was that the additional server
an entry in the network
setup for the suffix of the server which was the domain name of the old
I removed
it and the process was smooth with no problems. Now,I need to use the 
additional server
as the primary DC and remove the old one.
Mark explained that I can run DCPROMO on the old server and make it
stand alone to do that. I hope that works without problems or else I
will lose both 
So,Mark shall I proceed with this ? no risk at all ?
By the way,the old server has E2k installed.


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