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When backing up the System State, this does backup AD, but it also backs up
other system related files, like the Registry, COM+ objects, IIS settings,
IAS Settings, etc.  You need to backup the Registry if you are backing up

If you are trying to restore mailboxes, you will need to backup the System
State of your DC (the one that has the PDC Emulator), and restore it to
another server off the network.  Then, you can install Exchange 2000 on it
EXACTLY like your existing environment, with the same ORG name and same
Service Pack rev with the same hotfixes.  

If the hardware is not identical, then you might have to use the Hardware
Wizard to install additional drivers for the different hardware that might
be in the new system used for recovery.  Especially if you are using
Hardware RAID.  You may also need to modify the ARC path in the BOOT.INI
file to point to the correct partition where this installation of Windows
2000 resides.

Then, once you have restored the IS to the new offline server, then you need
to run the Cleanup wizard on the mailboxes of your IS.  This will force the
mailboxes to make sure they can connect back to their primary NT account in
AD.  If not, then you will have to Right-Click the mailbox, and select
Connect.  You will then have an option of selecting the Primary AD/NT

You should then be able to fire up a workstation on the separate network,
launch Outlook, and dump everything to a PST.

If I were you, I would recommend investing in a true backup software, like
Veritas BackupExec.  Or you can use another backup software that is listed
on the MSEXCHANGE.ORG site.  Then, you can backup individual mailboxes.  

But, keep this in mind.  Backing up individual mailboxes is like taking a
back of M&M's, dumping the bag on the table, and picking up all of the red
one's, then the blue one's, etc.  This takes longer than just backing up the
whole IS.  But, restores are a lot easier when you do backup individual
mailboxes.  Also, Microsoft does not support this is way of backing up the

Hope this helps,

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I tried to DCPROMO and got to the second screen "network credentials"
entered a name and a pssword then the domain name.
Here is what I get " the domain "" is not an active
directory or an active directory domain controler for the domain 
couldn't be contacted".
Both of them are in the same network with different IP addresses and
the new server is a member of Workgroup.


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